Copenhagen Bachata Congress Denmark 2024. The best nordic bachata festival 2024

Bachata House I/S
Ernie Wilkins Vej 7, 3. tv
Phone: 61791410
VAT: 41037431


Bachata House I/S offers dance events through the site, The terms and conditions are effective between the individual user and Bachata House I/S.

These terms and conditions for usage are effective for agreements between Bachata House I/S and a physical person (from here on after “The User”) regarding this service. Only individuals who are above the age of 18 and reside in Denmark, are able to enter into agreements with Bachata House I/S regarding this service.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a collective agreement, which is valid between The User and Bachata House I/S.

To access the Service, The User is required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Fees and Payment methods

Fees for using the Service must be paid according to the existing price list, which is available here:

Bachata House I/S accepts payments with the methods available on our ticket sales host site:

All prices listed includes VAT.

The website uses the following currencies for pricing:
Europe – Euro – (EUR)

Bachata House I/S uses as their ticket system provider and payment system. Ready about their Privacy Policy here:

Levels of event & screening

Some workshops or elements of these events, will have screening requirements, or a criteria of x amount of years of dance experience. This means that it is a pre-requisite for purchasing the specific ticket, that the buyer has had a screening by a Bachata House instructor, that the buyer meets the criteria’s listed and/or has received a green light for enrolling/purchasing. Registrations for tickets that require screening will be cancelled if this is not complied with the terms beforehand. Special terms and screening requirements, will always be visibly listed at the purchase of the product, and in the marketing of the specific product/ticket.

Registrations & refunds

Make sure to enter your name correctly (we do ID checks at the events).
Tickets purchased are non refundable.
You can change name for a small fee via the ticket website, or by contacting (remember, a leader spot cannot be sold to a follower, and the other way around)


If you miss the event due to illness, travel or other things, you are not entitled to a refund or to transfer the ticket to another event .

If Bachata House cancels the event, you are entitled either to a refund for the cancelled part or a compensation event.

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